USA Travel Map: The Best App for Planning and Tracking Destinations

The United States is an incredible destination, with hundreds of places worthy of being on anyone’s bucket list. With so many places to visit, it can be hard to keep track of exactly where they are in the country, making it even more difficult to actually plan to visit them. We know exactly how it feels. That’s why we created Viewbound, the interactive US travel map with pins, perfect for planning your dream road trip, tracking your own travels, and even exploring the best places to visit in the US. With places recommended from local guides, and the possibility to add places yourself, there is no chance of missing any of your bucket list destinations.

The Ultimate USA Travel Map

Want to pin the trips you’ve been on, save your bucket list, or plan a road trip? Here’s the best way to do it!

Track your bucket list destinations

The thing about a bucket list is that it continues to grow the more you tick off. If you are anything like us, eventually it gets to a point where you need a system to track all the dream destinations. With Viewbound you can do exactly that. Search for your dream location (or add it yourself), and save it to your bucket list. This way, not only can you scroll through and be inspired by all your dream places to visit, you can also see them all mapped out!

Find the best places to travel in the US

Scan the map for the best places to travel in the US or get inspiration from our local guides and seasoned travellers that share their tips on the home feed. Swipe through a selection of incredible pictures, or search for whatever you are looking for. There are over 10,000 places in the USA on Viewbound to search, save and explore. 

Use the destination map to plan your next trip

Planning a new trip can be hard, especially in a place where there is so much to see and do! With the destination map, you can search for any place and find all our top recommendations all in one place. This way, you can add all your bucket list places to your own map and find new hidden gems along the way.

Create your own United States Road Trip Map

Create your own road trip map and save all the stops you want to make along the way. Heading from Los Angeles to San Jose - stop off at Fern Canyon or Lone Cypress along the way. Our locations will let you know exactly how much time you need at each stop making it easy to plan your usa road trip itinerary.

Follow your favorite local guides and get new tips regularly

We believe that there is no better way to experience a place than by following recommendations from locals. That's why we have built Viewbound around local guides that you can find and follow to all of their top places. We have guides from all over the United States ready to share with you the best places to visit in each state.

USA Travel Map Overview: Best places to visit, off-the-beaten path destinations and road trip guide

Plan and save your trips like never before with Viewbound’s interactive travel map. Find the best places to visit, explore off-the-beaten-path in the United States, and map out your next road trip with all the best US destinations along the route!

You can download Viewbound here or search for it in the app store.

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