The Best Stockholm Metro Station Art + Map

Visiting the metro stations in Stockholm is one of the most iconic art walks you can do in the city. While this may seem unexpected, as subway stations aren’t typically known for their sense of inspiration and creativity, the Stockholm metro stations definitely are. Usually filled with people rushing from one point to another, the Stockholm metro stations are an exception thanks to the artists who transformed the drab underground tunnels into the world’s longest art gallery. Intricate and unique, these stations are inspired by everything from politics and science to simple joy and creativity. They offer creative pieces that make people pause, explore, appreciate and add a bit of joy into their daily commute. This post will take you through the best Stockholm metro stations with a map of the art at the very bottom.

Visiting the Stockholm metro station art

Stockholm’s metro is a great public transport system with routes that cover the entire city. Even if you are not headed to the metro for the art, you will likely pass through one of these stations on your trip. With trains that run every 2 - 10 minutes in peak time it is definitely the best way to get around the city! 

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How to find the metro stations

Stations can be spotted from above ground by the distinct signs - a blue T on a white circle. This stands for Tunnelbana which is the Swedish word for metro. The signs are at every metro entrance and usually very easy to spot from afar. If you want to see exactly what stations exist, you can find the subway map here. If you are only interested in the art spots, then head to the bottom of this post for the Viewbound map, or see the interactive version in the app!

The Best Stockholm Metro Station Art

1. T-Centralen

Where: Platform for blue line at T-centralen station, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden.

T-Centralen was the first subway station in Stockholm to feature vibrant artwork and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. To find the most elaborate designs you’ll need to find the platforms for the Blue Line. Painted entirely blue and white with delicate looking floral and leafy patterns, the artwork by Per Olof Ultvedt really creates a sense of calm among the hustle and bustle of a central station.

If you only have time to see the metro station art at one or two places in Stockholm, then T-centralen is the best subway station to head to first. It is the biggest of Stockholm’s metro stations and probably the easiest to visit during your visit as it is located so centrally.

T-Centralen subway art in central Stockholm.

2. Mörby Centrum

Where: Mörby Centrum station, 182 33 Danderyd, Sweden. Mörby Centrum Station is at the end of the northbound red line.

Joyful, whimsical, and dreamy are words that come to mind when we see the Mörby Centrum station. Artistically designed by Karin Ek and Gösta Wessel, the station is like a portal to wonderland where rainbows and fluffy clouds abound and you could imagine a unicorn walking around the corner at any moment. The colorful walls were created as an optical illusion that changes depending on where you’re standing and brings commuters an instant pop of joy into their everyday lives. This transformation of colors represents the continuously shifting setting on a journey from one place to the next.

This is one of the best subway stations in Stockholm to visit for photos, with its vibrant colors and unique style. Want to know more? Here we have rounded up our top instagrammable places in Stockholm.

Mörby Centrum Metro Art in Stockholm Photo by Globe Trotting Su.

3. Thorildsplan

Where: Thorildsplan station, 112 43 Stockholm, Sweden. 6 stops from T-centralen station along the green line when traveling northwest.

Video game lovers unite at Thorildsplan station where artists have covered the walls with pixelated images from video game classics. You can find inspiration from favorites like Super Mario Brothers and Pacman. Look out for the iconic mushroom power-ups, Pacman ghosts, pixelated clouds and tunnels that decorate the walls of this Stockholm metro station. The artist behind the Thorildsplan artwork, Lars Arrhenius, turned simple tile work into a walk down memory lane. Let your creativity flourish as you produce fun and unique photos to highlight the enjoyable artwork throughout one of Stockholm’s few above-ground subway stations.

Thorildsplan Station game inspired subway art - Find the exact location here. Photo by Foodie on Vacay.

4. Stadion

Where: Stadion, 114 27 Stockholm, Sweden. This station is two stops from T-centralen along the red line bound for Mörby Centrum.

On the red line of the Stockholm subway is Stadion station. Artists transformed a typical station into one of the first cave stations featuring a bright blue sky-like ceiling with a vibrant rainbow, bringing the sky underground.

As Stockholm hosted the Olympics in 1912 the artists behind the painting thought to represent the Olympic rings through the rainbow in order to commemorate this time in history. Not only does the artwork in this station hold a lot of significance but the bright colors are joyful. The simplicity of the rainbow brings a feeling of cheer as you gaze up to the ceiling of the station and makes for a smile-inducing photo.

Stadion subway art - Photo by Globe Trotting Su.

5. Solna Centrum

Where: Solna Centrum station, 169 51 Solna, Sweden. From T-centralen, take the blue line bound for Akalla.

Art and politics collide in Solna Centrum station where artists used their artistic platform as an opportunity to raise awareness. In 70s Sweden, over logging and depopulation of rural areas were huge environmental issues that are now brought once again to awareness thanks to the forest setting painted in Solna Centrum. The dark green forest and deep red sky in the station create a strong and impactful sight with animals and other images that can be found throughout.

Solna Centrum Metro Station Art - Photo by Jakshotz.

6. Kungsträdgården

Where: Kungsträdgården station, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden. End station of blue line one stop from T-centralen.

A palace turned subway station, Kungsträdgården is a unique transformation. The name Kungsträdgården translates roughly to “The King’s Garden” and is inspired by the royal history of the area. In the very location of Makalös Palace, which unfortunately burned down, is one of the best Stockholm subway stations, filled with a mix of art and archaeology.

Inside the station you will find various references and memorabilia to the royal palace. The French garden is represented in the red, white and green color scheme; the statues that can be found replicate the exterior of Makalös Palace.

The ceiling of the station has an interesting patchwork concept and if you take a wander around you will notice relics rescued from the palace and the redevelopment of central Stockholm. Essentially everything about this exquisite station is an ode to the neighborhood’s past and present.

Kungsträdgården Subway Art - Photo by Globe Trotting Su.

7. Rådhuset

Where: Rådhuset station, 112 28 Stockholm, Sweden. One stop from T-centralen along the blue line bound for Akalla or Hjulsta.

Ride the escalator down into the cavernous Rådhuset subway station in Stockholm and you will feel like you’re truly in a natural, underground cave. Rather than the vibrant and colorful art installations in other stations around the city, Rådhuset keeps things earthy and organic. In fact, the unsculptured arches of the station are exposed bedrock that create a dramatic appearance and help us be a little more connected to the Earth.

Rådhuset Subway Station's natural, earth walls. Find the location on Viewbound's Map.

8. Tensta Subway Station

Where: Tensta station, 163 64 Stockholm, Sweden. This station is the second last stop along the blue line T10 towards Hjulsta.

The Tensta subway station in Stockholm is a kaleidoscope of color and creativity, thanks to the artistic vision of Helga Henschen, Arne Sedell, and Lars Henschen. This station, built as part of Stockholm's expansion in the 1960s and 70s, was designed to be a welcoming space for residents from all cultural backgrounds. The platform is a canvas for the artists' animal sculptures and stylized leaves, set against a backdrop of brilliant white. These pieces, collectively known as "A rose for the immigrants", "Solidarity", and "Kinship", are more than just beautiful art. They represent a message of unity, a celebration of the diverse community that calls Tensta home. As you step onto the platform, you are embraced by a warm and vibrant atmosphere, a symbol of the bond between people from all walks of life.

Tensta Matro Station Art in Stockholm. Find the location here and nearby destinations here.

9. Stockholm Odenplan Commuter Station

Where: Odenplan, 113 22 Stockholm, Sweden.

There is a somewhat funky, neon theme at this particular subway station. It is one of the best metro stations in Stockholm for photographers, the neon lights lining the roof perfect to capture your time in the city. As you walk through Stockholm’s Odenplan station you’ll notice 400 meters of many thin, jagged lines of bright light that are suspended from the ceiling. Created by artist David Svensson, he combined his art with something intimately personal to him. These beautiful light installations are actually inspired by his son’s heartbeat! These visually striking fluorescent lights not only create a moody atmosphere but make for a fun photo of reflections and illumination.

Lights in Stockholm Odenplan Commuter Station - One of the best metro stations in Stockholm for photographers.

Stockholm Metro Art Map

Below you will find a Stockholm Metro Art Map so you can visit the best of these subway stations. If you want to explore this map further you can download the Viewbound app where you will be able to explore the locations interactively. We also have over 50 more recommendations of things to see and do in Stockholm while you are visiting! 

Download it here!

The Stockholm's best metro station art mapped out on Viewbound.

Overview: The Best Stockholm Metro Station Art 

As you can see, Stockholm’s metro stations are one of the best places to head for a long art walk. Looking for more things to do during your visit to Stockholm? Here we have also rounded up our favorite insta-worthy places in Stockholm, or you can find all our tips in our app.

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