Amsterdam Instagram Spots: The 20 best photo spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities in Europe and the perfect place for creating Instagram content. Here are the best Amsterdam instagram spots and some hidden gems to discover in the city!

Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the prettiest cities in Europe with its winding canals, unique bridges, and charming Dutch Baroque style houses. Not only is it the perfect city for exploring Dutch culture, with the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and of course, the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam is also one of the most instagrammable places in Europe. Stroll around the canal system, popping into charming shops and tasting food in Amsterdam’s most instagrammable restaurants, or head out for a day trip to the windmills and flower fields. Whatever you choose to do, here are the best photo locations and Amsterdam Instagram spots to help you plan your trip!

Not only does this guide include the most popular Amsterdam instagram spots, but it also includes hidden gems and alternatives to the more popular destinations to help you avoid the crowds and get the most out of your trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Instagram Spots

The Nine Streets

If you're looking for the perfect Amsterdam Instagram spots, be sure to check out The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes), a neighborhood in the heart of the city. Made up of the city's four main canals and nine charming little streets, this area is filled with unique shops, cafes, galleries, and stunning architecture that will make your Instagram feed pop. Nestled between Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht, and Singel, you will find some of the most picturesque streets in Amsterdam here. From high-end boutique shops like Patta and Marbles Vintage to cafes and restaurants like Screaming Beans and Izakaya, there's no shortage of photogenic spots in The Nine Streets. The neighborhood's traditional Dutch architecture, such as the historic Huis Bartolotti and Cromhouthuis Museum, make for a beautiful backdrop, while the Foam Photography Museum and the Amsterdam Museum offer plenty of cultural inspiration. The Nine Streets is also known for its lively and vibrant atmosphere, with many festivals and events taking place throughout the year, like the Amsterdam Light Festival in the winter. Overall, The Nine Streets is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the best Amsterdam Instagram spots and a taste of the city's unique culture and style.


For a classic Amsterdam Instagram spot, head to Bloemenmarket, the famous floating flower market on the Singel Canal. Dating back to 1862, this market is reminiscent of the days when Dutch flower growers sold their wares from canal boats along the Amstel River. Today, it's a vibrant space filled with picturesque corners that will make your Instagram feed bloom with color. From tulips to daffodils to roses, the market offers a wide variety of flowers and plants that will make for a perfect photo opportunity. But Bloemenmarket isn't just a classic Amsterdam Instagram spot - it's also a historically relevant place to visit, with roots dating back over a century. Whether you're a flower enthusiast or just looking for a unique and charming shopping experience, a visit to Bloemenmarket is a must-do when exploring Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Gardens

If you're looking for the best Amsterdam Instagram spots in the spring, look no further than Keukenhof Gardens, the most beautiful spring gardens in the world. Known for its breathtaking tulip displays, Keukenhof is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to capture stunning photos of the iconic Dutch flower. With more than 7 million bulbs and over 800 varieties of tulips, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect photo spot. The gardens are only open for eight weeks from March to May, making it an exclusive and sought-after destination for garden lovers and Instagram influencers alike. In addition to tulips, Keukenhof Gardens also features a variety of other flowers and plants, as well as scenic walking paths, fountains, and windmills, providing a perfect backdrop for your photos. Whether you're a serious photographer or just looking to snap some selfies, Keukenhof Gardens is a must-see Amsterdam Instagram spot that should be at the top of your itinerary.

The windmill at Keukenhof Gardens surrounded by tulips in full bloom
The windmill at Keukenhof Gardens

Rijksmuseum Library

If you're looking for a classic library photo and a taste of Dutch art and culture, look no further than the Rijksmuseum Library and the National Museum of The Netherlands. The Rijksmuseum Library is the oldest art historical library in the Netherlands, offering rows of books, a spiral staircase, and a glass dome roof that make for the perfect Instagram shot. Meanwhile, the museum itself is home to an impressive collection of art and artifacts, including famous works by Dutch masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. With so much to see and do, the Rijksmuseum is a must-visit destination for any traveler to Amsterdam. Don't miss the chance to wander through the museum's exhibitions on art history and culture, and be sure to bring your camera to capture all the stunning Amsterdam Instagram spots along the way..

Rikjsmuseum library - most instagrammable spot in  Amsterdam
The beautiful library at Rikjsmuseum

I AMsterdam Sign

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without a photo at the famous I AMsterdam Sign. Located just outside the Rijksmuseum, this iconic spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to capture the perfect Amsterdam Instagram shot. The sign is extremely popular with visitors, so be prepared for crowds during peak hours. For the best chance at a crowd-free photo, try visiting early in the morning or in the late afternoon just before dusk. While you're there, take the opportunity to explore the nearby Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museums, both of which offer a wealth of art and cultural history for visitors to enjoy.

I amsterdam, just outside Rikjsmueum
I amsterdam, just outside Rikjsmueum

The Canals in Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam are a must-see for anyone visiting the city, and they also happen to be some of the best Amsterdam Instagram spots around. With so many canals to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect photo opportunity. To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite spots to snap a pic:

• The view from Arm Bridge
• The view from Staalmeestersbrug
• The view from Liesdelsluis
• The view from Halvemaansbrug
• The view from Antiquairbrug over Prinsengracht

Each of these locations offers a unique perspective on Amsterdam's famous canals, and is sure to result in an envy-worthy photo. So grab your camera and explore the waterways that make Amsterdam such a beloved destination.

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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam and the Palm Greenhouse

Looking for a tropical escape in the heart of Amsterdam? Look no further than Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, home to the stunning and Instagram-worthy Palm Greenhouse. Built in 1911, this glass and brick greenhouse is filled to the brim with lush tropical plants and vibrant colors, creating the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Whether you're a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a tranquil retreat in the midst of the city, the Palm Greenhouse at Hortus Botanicus is a must-visit destination.

The Damrak

The Damrak is one of Amsterdam's most Instagrammable photo spots, thanks to a tight cluster of unique houses on the waterfront that light up perfectly at sunset. As one of the main streets in Amsterdam, it connects the Central Railway Station to Dam Square and the Royal Palace. This makes it an unmissable Instagram location for anyone exploring the city. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning view of the colorful houses along the water.

girl in a hat taking a photo infront of Damrak


Zaandam, a city only 7 minutes by train from Amsterdam, is home to one of the more classic and unique Instagram photo spots near Amsterdam - the Hotel Inntel Zaandam. This 12-story skyscraper is designed to look like houses stacked on top of each other and is definitely worth a visit. While you're in Zaandam, make sure to stop by Czaar Peterhuisje, a historic and beautiful brick building named after Tsar Peter I of Russia, who once stayed there in 1697.

girl sat in front of Hotel Inntel Zaandam
Hotel Inntel Zaandam captured by @sarahinfullswing

Hotel Inntel Zaandam captured by @sarahinfullswing

Zaanse Schans

Located in the charming city of Zaandam just a short train ride from Amsterdam, the Zaanse Schans is a picturesque historic village that takes visitors back in time to the Netherlands of the 18th and 19th centuries. The village is known for its iconic windmills, which have become a symbol of Dutch heritage and are popular photo spots for both tourists and locals. Visitors can also explore the traditional houses, workshops, and shops that recreate the atmosphere of an authentic Dutch village. It's a perfect place to learn about the history and culture of the country and to experience the traditional Dutch way of life.

Van Gogh Museum

Sure! The Van Gogh Museum is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam, especially for art enthusiasts and those interested in the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh. The museum has the world's largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings, drawings, and letters, providing a unique insight into the artist's life and art. The collection includes iconic paintings such as "Sunflowers," "The Bedroom," and "The Potato Eaters," as well as lesser-known pieces that offer a glimpse into Van Gogh's artistic development. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also features temporary exhibitions showcasing the works of other artists or exploring different aspects of Van Gogh's art and life. With its stunning architecture and beautiful surroundings, the Van Gogh Museum is not only an inspiring cultural experience but also an ideal place for taking photos and capturing the essence of Amsterdam's artistic and cultural heritage.

a couple looking at a picture in the van Gogh museum
van Gogh museum

The Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is one of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots, and an independent contemporary art museum with locations in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Its colorful exhibitions make for perfect photo opportunities, and the museum has become a favorite among Instagrammers visiting Amsterdam. Whether you're an art lover or just looking to capture some beautiful shots for your social media, the Moco Museum is a must-visit spot in Amsterdam.

Colorful installation made up of yellow, green, blue, orange and red diamonds hanging from the ceiling at the Moco Museum
Colorful installation at Moco Museum

Colorful installation at Moco Museum


Beurspassage is one of the most unique Amsterdam Instagram spots that is perfect for photography enthusiasts. This indoor passageway is a visual feast for the eyes with its stunning architecture and artwork. The passageway connects two bustling streets, Damrak and Nieuwendijk, and is lined with charming small shops and boutiques. The highlight of Beurspassage is the stunning artwork, Amsterdam Oersoep, which consists of colorful and elaborate paintings by Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem. These paintings depict a visual representation of the evolution of Amsterdam, from the primordial soup to modern-day architecture. Beurspassage is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Amsterdam and capture it in their photos.


Looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-path photo spot in Amsterdam? Look no further than the Zevenlandenhuizen, or the seven country houses. Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Amsterdam Zuid, these beautiful houses are designed to represent the architectural styles of Europe. From the romantic and elegant French-style house to the rustic and charming Scandinavian house, each house is uniquely designed and perfect for an Instagram photoshoot. So, grab your camera and capture the beauty of this hidden gem in Amsterdam! #AmsterdamInstagramSpots

Spanish house at Zevenlandenhuizen
Spanish house at Zevenlandenhuizen

Instagrammable Food in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a foodie's paradise with a wide range of delicious treats and dishes that are perfect for Instagram. From stroopwafels, a traditional Dutch waffle cookie filled with caramel, to bitterballen, deep-fried meatballs that are a popular snack, there's no shortage of photogenic and tasty options. Foodhallen, a popular indoor food market, offers an array of different cuisines and dishes, including juicy burgers and fresh seafood that will make your mouth water. And if you have a sweet tooth, De Drie Graefjes American Bakery has some of the best cakes and pastries in the city, including their famous red velvet cake, that are sure to make your followers drool. So whether you're exploring the city or looking for a quick snack, there's no shortage of Instagrammable food in Amsterdam.

Instagrammable Restaurants in Amsterdam

Cafe de Jaren is a canal-side cafe on the intersection of the Kloveniersburgwal and the Amstel river and definitely one of the most instagrammable restaurants in Amsterdam. Sitting at a table in the back of the cafe, you have a great view of the classic Amsterdam canal, a church with Dutch baroque architecture and canal boats lined up by the waters edge. 

In addition to Cafe de Jaren, Amsterdam has many other Instagrammable restaurants that are worth a visit. The Avocado Show is a popular spot for foodies looking for a healthy and visually stunning meal. The entire menu is made up of avocado dishes presented in creative and colorful ways, perfect for an Instagram photo. The Duchess, located in a former bank building, is another popular restaurant known for its opulent and grand interior design. The restaurant serves an international menu with dishes that are both delicious and photogenic. For a more unique experience, the MaMa Kelly restaurant features an all-pink interior and serves up delicious seafood and meat dishes that are sure to make your followers jealous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take iconic Amsterdam photos?

Some iconic Amsterdam instagram spots include the picturesque canals and bridges, the tulip fields (if in season), the Windmill at the Riekermolen, and the I Amsterdam sign.

Where is the prettiest place in Amsterdam?

The prettiest place in Amsterdam is subjective and depends on personal taste. However, some popular choices among visitors include the Vondelpark, the Jordaan neighborhood, the Dam Square, and the Oosterdok area.

What is the most viewed location on Instagram?

The most viewed location on Instagram in Amsterdam is likely the Rijksmuseum, which is a world-renowned art museum housing Dutch masterpieces like "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt.

Where is the colorful buildings in Amsterdam?

The colorful buildings in Amsterdam can be found in many areas, but some of the most vibrant and Instagrammable streets include the Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) and the Jordaan neighborhood.

What you cannot miss in Amsterdam?

Some things you cannot miss in Amsterdam include visiting the Van Gogh Museum, exploring the canals on a boat tour, trying some Dutch delicacies like stroopwafels and bitterballen, and taking a day trip to the nearby fishing village of Volendam or the windmills of Zaanse Schans.

Amsterdam Instagram Spots: An overview

In conclusion, Amsterdam is a city filled with unique and stunning locations that are perfect for taking Instagram-worthy photos. From historic landmarks such as the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum, to more modern sites like the Moco Museum and Zevenlandenhuizen, Amsterdam offers a diverse range of photo opportunities for every taste. Additionally, the city boasts a wide variety of delicious food and trendy restaurants, such as Cafe de Jaren and the Foodhallen, that are not only delicious but also perfect for capturing that perfect foodie shot. With so many picturesque locations to explore, Amsterdam is truly a photographer’s paradise.

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