The Ultimate Guide to Hot Springs in Tuscany

Imagine yourself in the verdant landscapes of Tuscany, immersed in warm, geothermal waters while the Italian sun kisses your face. This is no fantasy - this is the experience of enjoying the hot springs of Tuscany, a wonder that you can reach out and touch, feel, and remember. Prepare yourself to discover these hidden gems nestled in the heart of Italy's most enchanting region.

Tuscany, an enchanting realm in the heart of Italy, needs little introduction. Its fame spans the globe, touching hearts with its picturesque landscapes, timelessly charming cities brimming with art, and historic villages that breathe tales of old. Tuscany is a tapestry of rolling hills crowned by cypress trees, vineyards that birth the world-renowned Tuscan wines, and fields of sunflowers basking in the golden sunlight.

Yet, the magic of Tuscany does not end with its sight; it's also a symphony to the taste buds, with delectable cuisine offering a gastronomic adventure like no other. Picture yourself indulging in a plate of fresh pasta topped with the region's prized truffles, paired with a glass of robust Chianti, all the while surrounded by the mesmerizing Tuscan vistas. And let's not forget the warmth of the locals, whose passion for their land and culture completes the charm of Tuscany.

The Top Hot Springs in Tuscany:

Tuscany is blessed with numerous natural hot springs, a gift from Mother Nature for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, you're not just dipping into warm, mineral-rich waters; you're immersing yourself in centuries of tradition. To guide you on this remarkable journey, let's introduce some of the top hot springs in Tuscany that you simply cannot miss:

  1. Saturnia: Enjoy a heavenly soak where the ancient Romans did in these world-famous thermal springs.
  2. Bagno Vignoni: Experience a unique, picturesque village where the main square is a pool of steaming thermal water.
  3. Bagni di San Filippo: Discover a hidden gem of a thermal bath nestled in the heart of a lush forest.
  4. Montecatini Terme: Indulge in luxury at this elegant spa town that has charmed visitors for centuries.

And these are just a start. Each hot spring has its own tale to tell, its unique charm to unveil. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into what each of these geothermal wonders has to offer.

Tuscany Hot Spring Map

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Tips for Exploring Tuscany:

How to Get to Tuscany

Reaching Tuscany is a journey of anticipation, with the promise of Italian delights at the end. The most convenient way is by air, with airports in Pisa and Florence offering international and domestic flights. If you're in Europe, consider the train – Italy's extensive rail network connects Tuscany with major European cities. A scenic drive is another way to reach Tuscany, especially from other Italian regions. Italian highways, known as autostrade, are well-maintained and offer fantastic views of the countryside.

When to Visit Tuscany

Tuscany is beautiful year-round, but each season offers its unique charm. Spring and autumn are widely considered the best times to visit, with mild weather and fewer crowds. These seasons also witness the wine harvest and wildflowers bloom, respectively. Summers can be hot, but you'll enjoy long days, numerous festivals, and vibrant nightlife. Winter in Tuscany is quieter, with cooler weather, fewer tourists, and the chance to enjoy the Christmas markets.

What to Bring when Visiting Hot Springs Spots in Tuscany

Comfort should be your priority when packing for a hot springs trip in Tuscany. Pack your swimsuit, of course, and a quick-drying towel. Water shoes can protect your feet from hot and rocky ground. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for the Italian sun. Respect local customs by also bringing a cover-up for when you’re out of the water.

The Top Hot Springs in Tuscany:


Located in the beautiful region of Maremma, the Saturnia hot springs offer a genuinely natural and free spa experience. Free to the public and open year-round, the geothermal waters of Saturnia are rich in minerals such as sulphur, carbon, sulphate, bicarbonate, and alkaline earth, which are beneficial for the body. Flowing at a warm 37.5 degrees Celsius, these springs offer relaxation and therapeutic benefits. The springs cascade into a series of rock pools, creating the famous Waterfall of the Mill, where you can soak in the warm waters while enjoying the stunning Tuscan landscape. Nearby, you will find the small town of Saturnia, where you can explore historical sites, restaurants serving delicious Tuscan cuisine, and accommodations if you wish to extend your stay.

saturnia hot spring tuscany
Saturnia Hot Spring, Tuscany

Bagno Vignoni

Located in the heart of Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bagno Vignoni is an enchanting village whose main square houses a large, ancient pool filled with thermal water. The pool, known as the "Square of sources", dates back to the 16th century and was once a stopover for pilgrims during the Middle Ages traveling along the Via Francigena. While you can't dip into this historical pool, the thermal waters, maintained at a temperature of 49-52 degrees Celsius, still flow into modern spa facilities at the village's edge where visitors can enjoy a therapeutic soak. The village itself is brimming with charm, with medieval architecture, lovely boutiques, and intimate restaurants serving traditional Tuscan dishes.

Bagni di San Filippo

Tucked away in the woods of the Orcia Valley, Bagni di San Filippo is a haven for those seeking tranquillity and a unique hot spring experience. The area is characterized by the Fosso Bianco, a limestone formation created by the thermal waters that flow down the rocks and into natural pools, forming what looks like a white fairy-tale castle. The waters, reaching temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius, are rich in sulphur and calcium deposits, offering health and skincare benefits. Visitors can immerse themselves in these pools surrounded by nature, which are free and accessible year-round. Nearby, you can also find facilities offering spa services for a more luxurious experience.

Montecatini Terme

Immersed in the heart of Tuscany, Montecatini Terme is one of the most famous thermal towns in Italy, known for its elegant thermal parks and historic spa buildings. The hot springs here have been appreciated for their therapeutic properties since the 16th century. The town offers nine thermal establishments, each with their own distinct character, providing treatments like mud therapy, inhalation therapy, and balneotherapy. The waters, which vary between 23 to 33 degrees Celsius, are particularly beneficial for liver and digestive disorders. Montecatini also provides a glimpse into the grandeur of the past with its art-nouveau buildings, luxurious hotels, and upscale shops. Don't miss a funicular ride up to Montecatini Alto, the old part of the town, for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Bagni di San Filippo, Tuscany
Bagni di San Filippo

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Springs in Tuscany

Are the Saturnia hot springs free?

Yes, the Cascate del Mulino, the open-air springs in Saturnia, are free to the public.

Where are the Tuscan hot springs?

The hot springs in Tuscany are scattered throughout the region, with many located in the southern part, such as Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, and Bagni di San Filippo.

Are Saturnia hot springs a must-see?

Absolutely! Saturnia is famous for its unique thermal springs and the stunning Waterfall of the Mill, offering an experience like no other.

Does Tuscany have hot springs?

Yes, Tuscany is known for its many natural thermal baths, including Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, Bagni di San Filippo, and more.

How do I get to Saturnia hot springs?

Saturnia is located in southern Tuscany. If driving, it's about a two-hour drive from Florence. Public transportation options include regional buses.

Overview: The Top Hot Springs in Tuscany

Tuscany's hot springs are more than a destination; they are an experience. From the surreal landscape of Saturnia to the charming village square of Bagno Vignoni, each offers a unique story and unforgettable memories. As you soak in these geothermal wonders, remember you're partaking in a tradition that stretches back centuries. Enjoy, relax, rejuvenate - the hot springs of Tuscany are waiting for you.

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