Top 12 Instagrammable Places of São Paulo

Home to over 20 million Brazilians, São Paulo is Brazil’s commercial and financial hub. At first glance, with its towering hi-rises and crowded streets, it seems like just another “big city”. However, São Paulo is far from a bustling megalopolis with no soul. If you scratch beneath the surface, you will uncover a unique culture, a fun-loving city with a 24-7 party scene, and some of the best spots for foodies in all of Brazil.Paulistanos (as locals are referred to) often state that they would not want to live anywhere else in the world - São Paulo has it all! Chances are, you will come away from the city feeling this way too. While São Paulo does not have the same paradisiacal beaches as Rio, it definitely has its own charm and is equally as photogenic - just in a different way.Unfortunately you may not have the opportunity to stick around in this beautiful city forever, but you can definitely immortalise its memory and inspire others to visit also using your instafeed. This list showcases the most instagrammable places in São Paulo, that will fill your feed with more colour and vibrancy than a Brazilian carnival fiesta!

Top 12 Instagrammable Places of São Paulo

1. Terraço Itália Restaurant

Where: Av. Ipiranga, 344 - República

With flavours that transport you to rural Tuscany, yet are accompanied by views that reiterate that you are in the beating heart of Brazil, dinner at São Paulo’s Terraço Itália restaurant is a travel experience in itself. The restaurant is situated on the 41st and 42nd floors of the city’s towering Edifício Itália building.The ambience of the restaurant is effortless elegance - live musicians and pianists play soft melodies and smooth jazz as you enjoy wine and canapes beneath crystal chandeliers. The main draw of this place, however, is the unparalleled views over the city below. As the sun goes down and the city becomes illuminated by twinkling lights, the sight is breathtaking.When visiting Terraço Itália, try to reserve a table by the floor to ceiling windows so that you can capture a perfect shot of you staring pensively across the horizon and the São Paulo skyline. Dress appropriately to match the upscale settings and you have a perfect, classy shot without too much complexity involved in setting up the capture.  

2. Escadão da Alves Guimarães - Stairs

Where: R. Alves Guimarães, 753 - Pinheiros

A once degraded, dilapidated stairwell, the Escadão da Alves Guimarães has been injected with a fresh appearance and a new lease of life thanks to the works of Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. What was once drab and dull is now a vibrantly painted ascension, filled with vivid colours and bold street art murals. The stairs have been painted in a somewhat trippy, geometric style and display a ballet dancer tying up her shoes. The bold colours used are perfect for bold feeds.The meaning of the painting and the inspiration behind it is also fascinating - the painting is dedicated to famous ballet dancer Mel Reis. The dancer had to have a leg amputated, yet continues to dance with prosthetics. If creating instagram captions that cause people to think and open their minds is your thing, the image of Reis is a good talking point to inspire people.  

3. Beco do Batman - Alley with graffiti

Where: R. Gonçalo Afonso - Vila Madalena

The wonderful thing about São Paulo is that although it is a city filled with hi-rises and financial institutions, it has never lost its personality. São Paulo has become something of a haven for graffiti artists but there was one image that started the trend - the painting of Batman.Located just a few minutes walk from Vila Madalena, Beco de Batman is a connecting network of three different alleyways. Once just a drab and unattractive alleyway, one day the image of the DC comics hero Batman appeared painted here. Its creation, and the crowds it attracted inspired other artists and students to contribute their work to the alley. Now, Beco de Batman is absolutely covered in vibrant graffiti.With psychedelic heads, larger than life insect pictures and otherworldly looking cartoons, there are tons of pieces of graffiti art here. You can choose one or several backdrops depending on your particular feed.Though the backgrounds are a little distracting to use as a canvas, they will suit feeds of both eccentric fashion influencers and travel bloggers.  

4. Luz Station

Where: Praça da Luz, 1, Luz - Centro

Luz station is one of the main train stations and transit points in São Paulo. While a station might not sound such a notable sight, the grandeur of Luz’s interiors and infrastructure makes it a magnificent backdrop for photographs. Dating back several centuries, Luz has had its dark times. For a period, it was essentially considered as a “no go” zone for most people in São Paulo as it was considered a dangerous area. It has since been renovated and the results are magnificent.With high, arched ceilings and whitewashed pillars, Luz is a perfect example of Victorian architecture. Stepping inside the station feels almost like stepping back in time, or as though you are a glamorous starring character in an old movie. Various points around the station offer excellent shots.  

5. Botanical Garden of São Paulo

Where: Av. Miguel Estefno, 3031 - Vila Água Funda

The Botanical Garden of São Paulo is a lush green oasis in a city that is otherwise a built-up concrete jungle. Fragrant floral displays, tranquil lakes and ornate sculptures are scattered throughout the grounds of the garden. Filled with numerous walking trails that lead you through the tropical woodland, there is a nice air of peacefulness and serenity that accompanies a visit here. Far from being just your typical city park, there is also a lot of wildlife that lives within the grounds of the garden - from sloths and monkeys, to tropical birds and fish.Since the gardens are so expansive, you can easily find beautiful locations to take photographs (and spend a while setting up equipment and perfecting the angle) without encountering dozens of other people to get in the background or ruin your capture. Head to the gardens early in the morning to get beautiful shots by the waterfront without the glare of the sun in the background.  

6. Fun Cast at the Pamplona Garden Shopping Mall

Where: R. Pamplona, 1704 - Jardim Paulista

Imagine an experience created for the specific purpose of enabling good instagram captures. Well, that experience actually exists in the form of Fun Cast! The exhibition features 25 different interactive environments set up specifically for instagram influencers and content creators.You have to pay to enter (tickets are circa $50), however arguably this fee is worth it considering all of the content opportunities available. Settings at Fun Cast vary from the super cute to the downright peculiar. The nice thing about this setting is that you will be surrounded by fellow influencers and aspiring content creators. That means, no judgemental looks from the general public for setting up a tripod, changing outfits, or taking a while to perfect your shot.  

7. Itaú Cultural - Cultural Center

Where: Av. Paulista, 149 - Bela Vista

Itau Cultural is a non-profit Brazilian cultural institute. It exists with the purpose of educating native Brazilians and international visitors about the country’s unique heritage and culture. The exhibitions it features are diverse - from contemporary and traditional artwork, to recovered historical artifacts. The building itself features a unique, futuristic design - with all-white interiors, walls and furnishings, and unusual contemporary shapes. The exhibitions also act as a nice backdrop to instagram feeds that are simple yet chic. If your feed uses a monotone style black and white colour palette, Itau Cultural will fit in perfectly.  

8. Parque Ibirapuera

Where: Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral - Vila Mariana

São Paulo’s largest open green space, Parque Ibirapuera is a green, leafy park in Vila Mariana. Between the months of October to December, the park hosts the Bienal de São Paulo cultural market and fair which could be an interesting focal point for those interested in photographing scenes of local life and culture for a travel instagram feed.At other points of the year however, the lush green grasses against the backdrop of the blue Brazilian skies with the city’s skyscrapers in the distance is a great place for a photo opp.  

9. MUBE - Brazilian Museum of Sculpture

Where: 01448-010, Av. Europa, 218 - Jardim Europa

MUBE São Paulo is an artistic museum filled with Brazilian sculptures. The building structure is an interesting sight in itself, separate from its contents. MUBE was designed by architect Paulo Mendes de Rocha, and the gardens were created by Designer Burle Marx. The structure is of Brazilian brutalist design and its colourings are grey, yet somehow it works.For occasions where you want to draw attention to a particular outfit or make a statement at the forefront of your image, MUBE’s exterior is the perfect setting.  

10. Selvvva store

Where: Av. Angélica, 501 - térreo - Santa Cecilia

The Selvva store is a local plant and garden store in downtown São Paulo. Far from being your average garden centre, the store has been lovingly designed with pastel coloured walls and an array of tropical plants that are often organised and assembled in artistic presentations. Soaring to instagram fame after the store was “discovered” by influencers and creatives, Selvvva is the perfect setting for those promoting mindfulness, meditation or healthy living on their feeds.  

11. Luly Cake Cafe

Where: R. Francisco Marengo, 1481 - Tatuapé

A perfect brunch spot for lovers of all things girly and feminine, the Luly Cake Cafe in São Paulo makes one feel as though they have been plonked down in the middle of Barbie’s dream house. The furniture of the cafe is shabby chic - think cutesy, mismatching tableware and country style tables. The colour scheme is fresh and feminine and the interiors are decorated with pastel shades of light pinks and minty greens. If you have a girly feed or you are a food blogger, this place will be your paradise! The menu options here are also photogenic with cakes that are shaped like flowers and wine glasses.  

12. Edifício Copan

Where: Av. Ipiranga, 200 - Centro

Edificio Copan has often been referred to as being “the coolest building in South America”. Arguably it is, and it is understandable why it was awarded such a title. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the beige-tiled building has a curved shape - almost like waves or similar to a flag blowing in the wind. At the right angle, shots from the front of the building can be created artistically. Similarly, the rooftop viewing deck offers incredible views across Sao Paulo, and is a good option if you are apprehensive about the price tag associated with visiting Terraço Itália for their views.

13. São Paulo Cathedral

Where: Praça da Sé, s/n - Sé:

One of the city's iconic landmarks, the cathedral's gothic architecture provides a dramatic and historic backdrop for photos, making it one of the most Instagrammable places Sao Paulo offers.

14. Paulista Avenue

Where: Av. Paulista

This bustling avenue symbolizes the city's dynamism. Its array of futuristic buildings, cultural centers, and shops, not to mention the vibrant street life, make it a must-visit for your São Paulo Instagram tour.

An Overview: Instagrammable Places in Sao Paulo

From dramatic architecture to vibrant graffiti alleys, and from upscale restaurants to tranquil gardens, Sao Paulo is a city that truly offers something for every Instagram aesthetic. Capture your unique experiences in these photography spots Sao Paulo is famous for, and let your followers vicariously experience the city's effervescent charm.

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