The 7 Most Unique Hotels in Iceland to Experience Nature Up Close

Iceland is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, and is considered a true travel gem. The locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming, making Iceland a perfect destination for an unforgettable adventure vacation. In this country, glacial lagoons, vast lava fields, snowy mountains, lush green areas, and frozen lakes are just some of the nature wonders you’ll find on your trip. The dramatic landscapes are just simply perfect for a luxury hotel with plenty of character.

1) The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is the ultimate retreat for those who have experienced the beauty of Blue Lagoon in Iceland, but who wish to truly unplug from the stresses of every day life and spend time with their loved ones. The estate has been immaculately designed and decorated to deliver a taste of Iceland while still maintaining comfort and luxury for our guests.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon transcends the ordinary ‘spa experience’ and is a luxurious must-visit when visiting Iceland. Visit their website here.


2) UMI Hotel

Picture a huge valley with only a single road running through it. A road that is filled with beautiful waterfalls that flow into pristine rivers, water towers that bubble from the earth and moss-covered lava fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. This is where UMI Hotel stands proudly with its modernist, minimalist design, built from only the finest materials available. The hotel’s location is prime for exploring east Iceland. Visit their website here.


3) Ion Adventure Hotel

Since its opening, Ion Adventure Hotel in Iceland has spiked the Instagrams of adventure seekers around the globe. Those that have visited the hotel are exuberant to call it one of their favorite places to stay. Visit their website here.


4) Hótel Kría

Hotel Kria is a beautiful new hotel in Iceland. With a homely, yet sophisticated decor, this hotel embodies everything we love about Iceland: breathtaking natural beauty and exceptional hospitality.  Visit their website here.


5) Hotel Geysir

Hotel Geysir is a beautiful geothermal hotel in Iceland that sits right next to the famous hot spring with the same name. The hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Iceland and is a perfect place for travelers that want to explore the island’s nature and enjoy the peaceful experience of simply being outside.

Hotel Geysir’s interior design is just as fabulous as the view from the hotel itself. The hotel combines traditional Icelandic style with modern touches to create a unique, beautiful and comfortable experience for its guests. Visit their website here.


6) Hotel Húsafell

Travelers from all over the world have left us glowing reviews of Hotel Húsafell. With its breathtaking views of the landscape and friendly, knowledgeable staff, this hotel is a perfect place for vacationers looking to experience the natural beauty of Iceland. It’s a place where you can fully immerse yourself into the beautiful landscapes of the north and get up close and personal with the amazing aurora borealis. Visit their website here.


7) Magma Hotel

Magma Hotel is located nearby the picturesque fishing village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur in South Iceland. Surrounded by the vast expanse of the Skaftafell nature reserve with its vibrant bird life and breathtaking views of Iceland’s iconic landscapes, it’s the perfect location for anyone looking to escape the everyday or catch a glimpse of the majestic northern lights in winter. Visit their website here.


Iceland is a truly a place of extremes. The country is known for its rushing waterfalls, rolling glaciers, northern lights, glaciers, red sand beaches and black beaches, but it’s not until you stand at the edge of these landscapes that you truly get a sense of just how surreal they are. It’s hard to come back to reality after experiencing such beauty.

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